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The Professional Copywriting Mentoring Program

“I started David’s coaching as a copywriter for an Internet publishing company. My take-home pay more than tripled after the first year. The next year, it went up another 68%.

“Now that I have my own business, our first year’s gross was more three times what I made during my best year as a copywriter.

“None of this would have been possible without the skills David taught me (combined with a lot of hard work).”

-Fran Rengel, Owner, Enrich Media

So… how do you get from good to much better… or even GREAT?

The path to becoming a high-powered, well-paid copywriter is different for everyone.

Even so, it almost always starts at the same place: You’re getting work, and getting paid for it. But you’re starting to feel like a hamster on a wheel. You’re putting in too much time and delivering too much value… and not getting paid (or respected) nearly well enough.

This mentoring program takes you from that place to a position of strength: Your unique position at the top level of professional copywriting. And that position is definitely different for different people. Because while there are basic skills and kinds of work that most copywriters have in common, the market for our services is wide and varied.

Whether you are writing for health and fitness… business offers… dating and relationships… survival and self-defense… or even for a niche most people have ever heard of, you have unique talents, desires and goals. You’re a person, not a cookie… and you may be relieved to find out this is not a “cookie-cutter” program!

It’s a custom combination of proprietary and tested skill- and mindset-development activities. Along with a lot of focused personal attention on what’s most important to you. If you are serious about getting better and making your work life—and your entire life—better at the same time, then settle in and find out more about the Professional Copywriting Mentoring Program.

Why pro copywriters get stuck

Most freelancers, and even staff copywriters, live in a feedback-free world. That doesn’t mean you never hear anything about your copy. You hear plenty. Clients will often tell you what they don’t like about your copy. And when you hit a home run, you’ll get giddy praise. But that’s not really feedback—it’s more like emotional response.

It doesn’t do you any good, if you want to stop making the same mistakes, and want to start getting better. And getting paid more.

Most of the time, when clients aren’t happy with your work, they can’t entirely tell you why—and they certainly won’t give you detailed, useful feedback on what to do about it. Don’t blame them. They don’t know. But what they have to tell you usually doesn’t really help you very much.

Probably the most frustrating thing, from a business standpoint, is when you can’t get clients to agree to higher fees. Frustrating, not (just) because you could use more money, but because you deserve it. You’re helping them make tens or hundreds of thousands, maybe even millions—but you’re getting paid peanuts.

Makes you wonder—why did you get into this business in the first place?

Wouldn’t it be nice if…

  • You developed an outstanding reputation as “one of the best”—and, you could more than live up to it?
  • You got to choose the clients you wanted, because there was more work available than you had time to do?
  • You finally got the respect, and the fees, you really deserve?

Well, it’s possible. It’s not magic, and it doesn’t happen overnight. But I’ve helped enough people take their copywriting to the next level—or even further—that you should consider this program for yourself.

One of my mentoring clients, “Million Dollar Mike” Morgan, wrote a sales letter for Agora Financial that has the highest customer value in the history of the company. Another client, Angie Lole, wrote a VSL that rose to the number-two position in ALL of Clickbank.  My client Jim Clair is writing copy for a group of digital fitness products that bring in eight figures a year. And his income is significantly higher than it used to be.

Jim says, “Hands down, hiring David was the best decision I made in my life.”

Now Mike, Angie, and Jim are only a few of many copywriters I have worked with. But each one is as different from the other two as you could possibly imagine.

And that’s the point. As I got to know each copywriter, I worked with him or her to identify strengths, shore up weaknesses, and put it all together into an irresistible package. (One of my mentoring clients recently had the enviable problem of deciding among five highly lucrative, first-class offers, when there was only room in the schedule for one, maybe two, tops.)

How did they and other clients of mine get that way? It’s pretty simple. They became the best version of themselves as a copywriter… let the world know about it… and, almost magnetically started attracting business that other copywriters would give up an important appendage to have themselves.

Why you won’t find this anywhere else

This mentoring program is unique because I have grown and evolved it over many years. I bring a wide range of writing and coaching experience, precision tools and techniques, and continuously updated knowledge to every mentoring call. That may sound complicated, but in reality, it all boils down to something very simple:

My clients and I keep an unwavering focus on what works.

Not just in written copy. We also focus on what works for a particular copywriter. For you. Here’s one example: Some copywriters like to start with an idea… start writing… and see where the “yellow brick road” takes them. Others are planners, outlining from the top down.  And some people, like my former mentoring client Chris Haddad, gets his best results when he starts by writing the end of the sales letter or VSL script, and later “backfills” with the headline, lead, and hook. Chris has reached a huge level of success that confirms how well his methods work for him.

And yet, other successful copywriters start with a headline, lead, and hook.  And build systematically from there.

I’ve been writing professionally myself, and mentoring others, long enough to know that —despite what you may have heard—there is simply no single “right way” to write copy that converts like crazy. Usually, there’s only one right way that works best for you

Finding that way and turbo-charging it is the key to massive financial success and career satisfaction. And as far as I know, I’m the only experienced copywriting mentor who has a long and consistent track record of helping people find exactly what works best for them… and then, powering-up into high gear.

“If you’re looking to master the art and craft of writing great copy, you’d be hard pressed to find anyone better than David. Not only is he an outstanding copywriter. He is also a truly exceptional mentor and teacher. David has a knack of explaining the strategy of why certain things work, why other things don’t, and how to write great copy yourself.”

-Kevin Francis, Maximum Results Copywriting, London, UK

How the mentoring program will help you become a more powerful copywriter

How you go about getting started and finishing your copy, of course, is only a small part of what we cover in the mentoring. I broke it out into a detailed set of different approaches to give you a very clear picture of how personalized this approach is… and how the mentoring program makes becoming a great copywriter so much easier for you.

One thing you may have noticed about the top copywriters is they seem to have a “gut sense” of what will work in copy, and what won’t. Rare is the time they can explain how they know. But I’ll tell you. They know thanks to tons of in-the-game, repetitive experience. Hitting the mark, missing the mark, and often (especially early on), scoring a small win with their copy when it could have been a blockbuster.

Over the years, I’ve developed a simple yet stunningly effective way of “front-loading” the same kind of experience the seasoned pro’s have… into your brain. Without the years of trial and error.  In fact—fast!

That’s right. I’ll give you a very doable set of easy exercises—15 minutes a day, tops—to get you the equivalent of years of streetwise experience. It will change how you look at everything that has to do with words, moving forward. So you’re guessing much less, and knowing much more.

Also… ever wonder how to “swipe” without coming across like a sleazy petty thief—or worse, an outright plagiarist? There is a way. The best copywriters do this all the time—either consciously, or “intuitively.” Most can’t teach it, though—or really, even explain what they’re doing.

“Acceptable swiping” involves a different kind of thinking than most people know about. It’s not so much that it’s hard as that it’s different. But it’s learnable. And once you learn it, “acceptable swiping” it will become easy for you. Plus, you’ll do this much faster than you thought possible.

So we’ve talked about skills a lot. Well, there’s more. Let’s talk about that.

Besides skills, there’s positioning. I’ve become widely known as “The World’s Greatest Copywriting Coach.” Think those words and that reputation happened by accident? Yes, I have to earn the right to use that tagline every day. But it was no accident. Because launching this positioning was the result of a carefully executed strategy. I’ve also helped many of my clients choose and use their own “unique-strengths” taglines… and I can help you do the same.

Finally, clients and fees. One of my best clients was telling me just today about how horrible it would be to go back to “only” getting $15,000 for a sales letter. (He won’t have to… he was just reminiscing and feeling good that he can easily get a lot more now.) Imagine that.

Now, to be clear: Everybody