Who We Work With

I work with people who are looking to get bigger profits with their sales copy.

Here’s an example:

“David, thanks to you, my business has reached unprecedented growth. Although I am in the payment processing business, an extremely competitive market, my sales letters currently have over an 8% conversion rate, well 4 times the industry average–increasing my ROI to over 300%!

When I started this business I had a 3-year plan, but I have reached my goal in under 10 months! I am thankful to have had the opportunity to work with you.”
-Michael Mendlowitz, Commerce Payment Systems

Whether you are a copywriter… a business owner who hires copywriters or writes copy yourself… or a marketer who needs copy to perform at its highest possible level, one of these three services could be a great fit for you:

  1. Copy critiques and consultations
  2. Professional Mentoring for Copywriters
  3. Professional Copywriting Mentoring for Business Owners and Teams

Here’s more about the kind of people I work with for each one:

1. Copy critiques and consultations

I help results-focused marketers take copy that’s working and take it to the next level. I can also help you if you have an online sales letter, video sales letter script, or print piece (sales letter, magazine or newspaper ad) that’s almost ready to go… but you know it could be better.

Clients for critiques and consultations are successful copywriters, business owners, and other marketers who understand the power of small but crucial changes.

For example, the change of just a few words in a headline can double or triple conversions. Brett Allcorn, owner of Gotham Club Media, more than doubled conversions on a video sales letter script I helped him with. We made small but powerful changes. And since then, he’s hired me for more than 20 additional sessions.

A consultation session can be used to brainstorm new ideas. But my clients know the difference between expert brainstorming and copywriting: That is, the actual writing of a full, finished piece of sales copy is a much bigger project.

You could expect to outline a new sales letter on a one-hour session, and come up with a series of hooks.  But not to write/co-write an entire sales piece.  You’ll need to do that yourself, or hire someone else to write it for you.

Copywriters who come to me for critiques know that a second set of experienced eyes (meaning, mine) can find problems and opportunities that, once acted upon, will greatly increase the performance of the sales piece.

If you’re actively writing copy or using it to sell for your business, and you understand the immense difference fine distinctions can make in sales results, then you’re the type of person I can help.

Find out more about copy critiques and consultations.

2. Professional Mentoring for Copywriters

If you are an ambitious copywriter with some experience under your belt, this program could be for you. (Sorry, no beginners. You must actively be writing copy for clients, or for your own projects – or both.)

This program doesn’t consist of casual advice and a series of generic homework assignments. It’s comprehensive, structured, and systematic. Each session builds on the last one, and you’ll need to do some work between sessions.

The Professional Copywriter Mentoring Program requires a serious commitment… and for those who have taken the challenge and have reached the top of their niches, it’s worth the investment of money and effort.

One of my most recent client success stories, in the health and fitness niche:

“When I first came to David, I was a struggling copywriter and I was hitting a low income ceiling. In less than a year, my copy chops were quickly honed to world-class. My income, which had been pathetic, more than doubled. Now it is now well into the six figures. One of the top companies on Clickbank, hearing I was working with David, quickly made me an offer and brought me on board.  David gave me the skill to know what is needed in copy, and he gave me the mindset to succeed. He is for those ready to be an elite-level writer.”
– Jim Clair, copywriter, Venus Factor, Adonis Golden Ratio

As writers, we have many interests—and sometimes this leads to “the shiny object syndrome,” meaning we are easily distracted and can go off course.

As a writer and mentor of many super-successful copywriters, I would never suggest that a writer “put on blinders” and adopt tunnel vision as a way of thinking and operating in the world.

However—and this is important—the kind of person who succeeds in the Professional Copywriting Mentoring Program needs to be able to stay highly focused part of the time, on an ongoing basis.

In other words, you need to be able to set goals, and keep working towards them no matter how much “life” (or exciting new opportunities) seem to get in the way. Because, inevitably, they do and they will.

If you are an achiever who wants to keep developing new skills and improve the ones you have… if one of your overall life-goals is to keep learning and growing… then this is probably exactly the kind of program you’re looking for.

3. Professional Copywriting Mentoring for Business Owners and Teams

Becoming skilled in copywriting is at least as valuable for business owners as it is for full-time copywriters.  Maybe more so.

Why? Because once you start applying direct marketing principles in your business, the growth you will enjoy can be staggering.

Example: “Big Mike” Straumietis runs a $50 million company called Advanced Nutirients. He hired me for mentoring, and brought in three team members as well. He has told me that bringing a direct-response copywriting culture into his company at least doubled the business – and he attributes at least $5 million in profit to the work we did together.

I’ve worked with a few larger companies than Mike’s, and a lot of smaller ones as well. Sometimes I work only with the owner… sometimes with both the owner and an internal team… and sometimes just with the team. All three options are available.

Now, a few blunt words of caution: If you’re too busy to set aside time to work on copywriting between sessions, you’ll be better off attending a seminar, or getting some home-study courses, or reading a few books.

Learning copywriting is not just about knowledge… it’s also about doing. That takes time, focus, and energy.

How much?

A few hours a week, besides the time you put into writing new copy for your business.

If you are the kind of person who finishes what you start… are action oriented… and are willing to stretch a little out of your comfort zone to get some valuable new skills… then this mentoring program could be one of the best investments you can make for your business.

Find out more about Professional Copywriting Mentoring for Business Owners and Teams.