About David Garfinkel

About Me

I’m David Garfinkel. I help individuals and groups make their advertising more effective.

People and organizations get the most from working with me, when they are familiar and comfortable with direct marketing methods.

I’ve helped copywriters and businesses in more than 100 industries increase profits. My book Breakthrough Copywriting is a #1 Bestseller on Amazon. Way back in 2004, I created and published the first widely used set of Copywriting Templates.

Since 1993, sales letters I’ve written have brought in as much as $40 million to one business. These days, I don’t write that often for clients, though. My main client work is coaching professional copywriters, business owners, and in-house copywriters for organizations.

Many of my professional copywriter clients have reached the top of their respective fields. Businesses I’ve worked with have added millions of dollars to their bottom lines.

Clients like my style because I personalize coaching for each person I work with, based on how they learn most easily and quickly.

One of my most successful clients, Chris Haddad, says:

“I don’t know how he does it, but David Garfinkel’s got an almost magical knack for boiling down tough and brainy marketing and business concepts into easy chunks that anyone can understand… and take immediate action on.”

Disclosure: I don’t always know how I do it, either. But I hear different versions of Chris’s kind words from others, all the time.

On the large-organization side of my business, I’ve consulted to publishers like Time-Life Books and Agora Financial. With Agora, I’ve participated in more than 100 large- and small-group copy-critique calls and webinars—and led some of those myself.

Business publications that have featured me include The Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur Magazine, Sales and Marketing Management, International Business Magazine, and Fast Company.

Before I started my copywriting career, I was San Francisco Bureau Chief for McGraw-Hill’s World News Service.

As a longtime fan of screenwriting methods, I’ve discovered some Hollywood techniques are very useful in adding color, and what I call “eyeball glue,” to your copy.

Also… I’m a musician and composer. No symphonies or operas, though. I write, play, and sing light-hearted songs. And I’m a partner in an advertising jingle company.

My formal education: I got my Bachelor’s Degree in French a long time ago. Much more recently, I got a Master’s in Education, and a graduate certificate in Evidence-Based Coaching.

Informally: I’m learning new and better ways to do things, all the time!

So… there you have it. Where I came from and at least a little about how I got here.

Now… if you’re looking to make more money with direct response advertising, go ahead and check out the other pages on this site. Let’s see how we can work together.