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The End Of The “Feast-Or-Famine” Cycle

If you have a business and you're tired of playing hide-and-seek with money, consider this truly horrifying scenario: Suppose a Lex Luthor (or a Dr. Evil) type of person came up with a “brilliant” new technology: He got total control of the Earth's entire air supply. And then, he came up with this “awesome” new [...]

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Email Marketing Mistakes Even The Pro’s Make

Some emails work like gangbusters. Others fall flat as a pancake. What's the difference? I've found five major mistakes people make that ruin a marketing email's chances before you even press the send button. I'm going to share them with you, and show you how to fix them--or even avoid them altogether. By the way, [...]

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Copy That Converts: The Primal Edge

When people hire me to critique their copy, one of the most predictable mistakes they make is selling to their prospects at the "socially acceptable" level. It's a common mistake, and even a common-sense mistake. It seems like it should work. But, as you'll see in a minute, it doesn't. What works ever so much [...]

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