Advice, Strategy, and Copywriting

“David Garfinkel has generated tens of million dollars in sales, and substantial profits, for his clients. To paraphrase the old E.F. Hutton ad: When David speaks, savvy marketers listen.”
—Alan N. Schlaifer, President, Wharton School Club of Washington, DC

“David gives the best advice on words that sell.”
—Jim Van Wyck, Serial Entrepreneur (Three Million-Dollar-Plus Exits from Businesses He Started)

“David Garfinkel has demonstrated time and again his ability to identify growth opportunities for virtually any business. He’s got in-the-field proof that his advice works; he’s got years of real-world experience to draw on; and he’s got a string of client who will tell you he made them money.”
—Ray Edwards, Copywriter and Communications Strategist, Spokane, WA

“David, the results we obtained more than lived up to your claims. Using your techniques, we obtained thousands of new clients, tripling the profitability of our program to nearly $4 million.
—Daniel G. Alcorn, Senior Vice President, Chittenden Bank, Rutland, VT

“I have used David twice to help me come up with titles for business eBooks.  In both cases, he made sure he deeply understood what my books were about, my audience and the challenges they faced, before starting to make suggestions. It would be hard to overstate the value I get from these conversations.”
—Rick Maurer, Author, Beyond the Wall of Resistance

“David put together a direct marketing program for us, targeting fast-growing entrepreneurial companies in the Phoenix area. The results were phenomenal. The new clients from David’s campaign accounted for more than $5 million in recurring annual income.”
—Bonnie Levine, President, Abacus Travel Management, Phoenix

“David Garfinkel is the best copywriter I know.”
—Jay Conrad Levinson, Author, Guerrilla Marketing series of books; previously, Senior Vice President, J. Walter Thompson Advertising Agency

Copy Critiques

“I’ve worked with David twice so far and will continue to do so. On one promotion, David’s small but meaningful changes increased conversions of my sales video by 139.43%. As I said before, I intend to continue working with David and would encourage anyone else to as well. His expertise is well worth the investment.”
—Brett Allcorn, Gotham Media, New York

“Whenever I need help with a sales letter, I set up a session with David. He has this uncanny ability to tell me what’s wrong with the sales message, and what can be improved.  He also has this ridiculous talent for coming up with copy, like, effortlessly! It would take me at least 30 minutes to put together 
what comes out of his mouth in just 30 seconds!”
—Fran Rengel, CEO, Enrich Marketing, Inc., Austin, TX

“David Garfinkel always seems to be able to help me find clarity amidst chaos when it comes to all the copy ideas swirling around inside my head. After WEEKS of struggling to find the perfect lead for a promotion I was working on, David nailed it in only 37 seconds flat. If you have the opportunity to brainstorm or mentor with David, you should jump on it immediately.”
—Doberman Dan Gallapoo, Copywriter, Arango Direct, Ocala, FL

Professional Copywriting Mentoring Program

“David Garfinkel, ‘The World’s Greatest Copywriting Coach’–with the clientele, and a mile-long-list of superstar copywriting students, to back up that claim.”
–Ben Settle, Publisher, Email Players newsletter

“David’s responsible for the careers of more of the hot “new breed” copywriters than anyone. Chris Haddad, Mike Morgan, Vin Montello, Travis Cody and many more all cite David as an integral reason for their meteoric rise through the ranks and bombastic fee-garnering as freelancers.”
-Kevin Rogers, whose own copy has generated more than $100 million in sales; founder,

“Hiring David, hands down, was the best decision I made in my life. After we started working together, my income went from pathetic to more than double what it had been. Today, I’m comfortably making six figures. And, I’m working with the company that has one of the top VSL’s in the market.

“With David’s teaching, I can quickly break down ads, write winning powerful copy, and quickly use formulas I now have ingrained in me.  David gave me the skill to know what is needed copy-wise, and the mindset to succeed. If not for this investment, it would have taken me 15 more years of struggle and hard work to be where I am today.”
—Jim Clair, copywriter for Venus Factor and Adonis Golden Ratio

“Before I met David Garfinkel I was a wet-behind-the-ears wannabe copywriter way more concerned with protecting my ego than I was with writing copy that CONVERTS. David took me under his wing, brutalized my copy, burned away the bullshit keeping me from reaching that next level and transformed me into a world-class writer with well over 9 figures in sales to my name.”

“Even better, thanks to what David taught me and applying it to my Digital Romance, Inc. business, I became a multi-millionaire while still in my mid-thirties. Garf is far and away the best copywriting coach there is and I’m grateful every day to have him as both a mentor and a friend. Thanks for everything, sir.”
—Chris Haddad, Owner, Digital Romance, Inc., leading publisher of relationship advice programs; previously,
“A-List” Copywriter

If you’re looking to master the art and craft of writing great copy, you’d be very hard pressed to find anyone better than David. Not only is he an outstanding copywriter. He is also a truly exceptional mentor and teacher. David has a knack of explaining the strategy and psychology behind copy and why certain things work while others fail. In his teaching he doesn’t just tell you what to do but guides you through the process so that you really ‘get’ what it’s all about, and write great copy yourself.”
—Kevin Francis, Maximum Results Copywriting, London, UK

“David was the best mentor I’ve EVER had. Months after I first started working with him, I wrote my first million dollar sales letter. Recently, I wrote one of what the publisher at Agora Financial called one of the three best promos they’ve ever had. I also beat the longest standing control in their history. But I didn’t do any of these by myself. David me crucial feedback that made my copy sing. If you want to become a copy master, get David’s help.”
—Mike Morgan, Reliable Advertising, Inc., Coeur d’Alene, ID

Business Owner’s Copywriting Mentoring

“As a coaching client of David’s, I can easy and confidently attest to David’s instructional prowes